Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike, 700C Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn Volare 1200 Men's Road Bike, 700C Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn is a leading manufacturer that has revolutionized the bike industry with its contemporary and effective models. Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike is one such hybrid bike that has come out of it’s warehouses and gained loads of popularity among cyclists of all kinds. Since it’s a hybrid bike, it is designed to work well on most surfaces and suit all kinds of cyclists from fitness riders to regular commuters to work.

Special Features that Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s 700C Hybrid Road Bike Offers

Schwinn Volare Men’s Hybrid Bike is a sturdy hybrid bike made from a lightweight aluminum frame that is simple to ride and sleek in appearance. It comes in 4 different color options so that the rider may choose depending on his preferences.

Since it is designed for a fast ride on flat surfaces and a comfortable and smooth ride on rough ones, it comes with a set of 21 speeds to choose from. The EZ fire Shimano shifters that the bike is fitted with, make it incredibly simple to control the bike and transition between speeds when moving through different terrains.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Men's Road Bike, 700C Hybrid Bicycle speed

The stopping power of this hybrid bike is just as commendable as the gear system. It uses linear pull brakes made from alloy which are low maintenance, lightweight and also incredibly simple to use. At the same time, with these brakes, you can also rest assured that the bike will stop at just the right time, whenever you need to.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Men's Road Bike, 700C Hybrid Bicycle handlebars

The handlebars and the seat of the bike are both adjustable so that you may set the riding position according to your riding style and comfort. It also means that riders with dissimilar heights can ride it comfortably after making suitable adjustments. Also, since it weighs only 35.3 lbs, it is simple to maneuver and also to haul in places where it’s difficult to ride it.

Schwinn Volare 1200 Men's Road Bike, 700C Hybrid Bicycle seat

The wheels of the bike are large, just like that of its competitors. This makes it a fast commute when you’re moving on flat surfaces and also gives it an adequate amount of traction on rough terrains. You may not find the tires too thick since it is not built regular off-road riding.

Technical Specifications of Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s 700C Road Bike

Color: black, red, green, blue
Frame: aluminum
Handlebar: Flat-style handlebar
Speeds: 21
Gears: EZ fire shifters
Derailleur: Shimano
Brakes: linear alloy pull brakes
Wheel size: 700c
Weight: 35.3 lbs
Dimensions: 67” x 23.5” x 37”
Warranty: lifetime

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Pros & Cons of the Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s 700C Road Bike


  • Its brakes offer reliable stopping power.
  • The gears will shift seamlessly and quickly.
  • The bike features a very sleek design and multiple color options allow you to choose what you like.
  • It’s a durable bike fitted with excellent quality Shimano parts.


  • You might not find the saddle very comfortable but it can easily be replaced with a new one.
  • The tires do not offer the level of traction that comes from those on its competitor hybrid bikes.

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Schwinn Volare 1200 Men’s Road Bike features a good value for the money and works well on rough terrains too, although it’s primarily a road bike. It makes a perfect choice if you plan on using it to commute around the city regularly and even make some leisure trips on trails or hillsides. The speed and sturdiness this hybrid bicycle features, will live up to your expectations on most terrains. Of course, you also have the lifetime warranty to claim if something goes wrong.